The collection of cartographies and infographics shows us different perspectives of the North Pole by hacking the way we read maps as medium. It is likely that you never see the North Pole with your own eyes. We relay on maps a lot. Maps are one of the few information sources showing a detailed image of the North and provide us what we want to know.
Since different governments started to claim the North Pole and drew lines on that area, they showed us the North Pole is supposed to be claimed. I do not agree. On maps, the North Pole nothing more than a blue dot in no mans land, which loses its mystery and emptiness once it is claimed. The maps in this project question maps as a medium and their objectiveness and criticize the hunt for the North Pole. For example the visualization showing the names of some of the people from the Inuit tribe that were used as human flag poles to claim the North Pole.

/ This project is in English