Pichacao is a form of urban street writing only existing in Brazil. It has visual similarities with grafitti but pichacao is more than just painting. Location is an important aspect as well as the risks coming with reaching such dangerous locations. This illegal act is an act of resistance against the government.
The lower class of the people living in Sao Paulo is angry and that can be read from the walls of the city. It is not important what is written on the wall but the act of writing is. The anger and resistance in the city can be measured by looking at the positioning and the amount of pichacao on the buildings. The building is the key to understand the resistance in the city.
As a foreigner without any knowledge of the city, this message is impossible to understand. This project is a hypothetical tool for people to enable them to understand and in some cases read the city. It will act as a map and work as a map legend/key to read the city. It works like a normal map. The map legend gives the instruction how to read the map; in this case, the buildings in Sao Paulo will be the maps.

/ This Project is in English